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Sober October

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

I am never too sure where I stand on Sober October and Dry January. On the one hand I think it is probably a good idea to reassess our relationship with alcohol periodically but on the other I am unsure how much long term good these focus months really are. Sense tells me that if you easily put down your regular glass of wine for a month with no real thought or concerns then you may well not have a problem with alcohol, however for those for whom it is a real struggle I do wonder what happens at the end of Sober October? What about a dry November or a dry 2024?

I also then consider all the other habits which are damaging and controlling our lives, spending, gambling, sex addiction, food addictions, illegal and prescription drug dependancy the list goes on.

At a time when mental health seems to be more of a focus than it ever has been I wonder if these highly commercialised and sound bite friendly focus months are not just trivialising the the very real struggles people face in their day to day lives; without really providing any meaningful help.

I personally do not drink alcohol, it is a decision I made over two decades ago and one I have never regretted, I do not however have an opinion on what the rest of society should do or the months they should do it in. I do not really have an answer at the end of this short blog, it is more just a musing about the efficacy of a focus month which is already being softened with so so soberish October and Damp January.

I will however, raise my cup of tea any day to anybody looking to make a positive change.

Chin chin

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