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I spent this weekend with two of my closest friends and business partners. We rented a house by the sea which we have used before and settled down to a weekend of friendship, connection and business planning.

We are all professional women in the medical, coaching and therapeutic fields and we came together with love and a clear vision of our goals and outcomes.

Was it easy? No!! Was it exhausting? Yes! And at times it felt risky. Saying what I felt needed saying, stating my views and defending them, collaborating and allowing, all whilst knowing that the most precious of friendships are still to be protected.

We have very different communication styles, giving and receiving. It is fair to say that I can be very direct and it is not always without impact! I know this, my friends know this, but some times when wounds are exposed this style can be like a match to kindling. We spoke a lot about allowing and understanding. Assuming kindness of intention and creating a process for rupture and repair.

We all came away with a better understanding of the direction of the business and each other, also I think of ourselves.

One theme which stood out is safety, how we feel safe and be mindful of others safety yet still take risks and follow emergent strategies. After a long white board session we decided that for us communication is key, having a way to communicate which is mindful of difference yet allows openness. Not being afraid to step outside of keeping the peace in order to introduce new ideas and challenge existing frameworks, always with love and respect.

My take away? I love these women and it is difficult to take risks with some thing so precious but honesty and openness with guided boundaries can create a safe arena to allow exploration.

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