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The Body Remembers

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Two nights ago I was leaving London and due to the storm there was some disruption with the trains. I got to Kings Cross and was told that no trains would be heading North. I needed to go to St Pancras and get a train to Sheffield and make my way to York from there. This in itself, whilst not ideal did not actually bother me too much. To be clear I wasn't overjoyed! It had been a long day and I was tired, but I want afraid or anxious, just inconvenienced.

I wandered over to St Pancras and looked for the Sheffield train. I wasn't really sure how I would get home from there but decided that if the worst came to the worst I would grab a Premier Inn overnight and figure it out in the morning.

The platform was called and I went up to the concourse. It was here my problems began. There were lots of people. It felt like thousands and they were all pushing. It wasn't obvious where the trains were going from, there weren't enough staff and it was all beginning to feel threatening. I am quite short and so I wasn't able to see over any one and we were herded from side to side each time being crushed.

I did manage to get a train and I did eventually get home. The events were discussed and put to rest. This morning I grabbed my overnight bag and headed for the station. As I walked onto the concourse I just felt a slight anxiety and I realised that my body had remembered the panic and fear of the other night. Whilst I had made it right in my head my body was looking after my safety and gently reminding me that I needed to be vigilant. I did not take this messaging to mean that I should not get on the train or I was in imminent danger. I took a moment to process these messages and reassure myself that I was safe.

It can be easy to forget that we are biological beings and our body sends us signals. These messages are for our information, they are not necessarily instructions!

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