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I am just prepping to go on holiday. I am never sure if I really find holidays relaxing, all the planning and packing, the preparing and the anticipation, still we are going on one so I am getting on with the necessary preparations.

My family like to ski. I don't ski, I have never really liked the feeling of sliding and slipping. As a child I could never rollerblade or ice skate and as far as my memory serves me, I didn't really want to learn. I did, however, want to be able to do it! I liked the idea of it and this is very much how I feel about skiing! I love the idea of being able to ski. Each ski trip I imagine a fantasyland in which I will take to the slopes suddenly discovering a passion and a skill which has as yet escaped me. That said, I am also a realist and I know that experience tells me I am unlikely to spend more than a few uncomfortable hours wedged into ski boots and the remainder of the holiday, whilst my family are enjoying time on the slopes, I will be swimming, taking yoga classes or in a spa. Not a bad way to spend a week and I am looking forward to it but I cant help but feel I will be missing out on the fun my family are having and time with them.

And so here is my choice, do I accept that skiing will never be for me and make the most of what promises to be a lovely break or do I give it another go, have another lesson and try and conquer my fear of hurting myself and looking stupid falling over the nursery slopes. I am determined to find my somewhat missing sense of adventures and conquer my fear so that I can have some fun.....

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