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Getting back in the saddle

I was shocked when I looked at my blogs to discover that it has been over a year since I last posted, despite promising myself I would blog every month. What I found interesting was my reaction to this revelation. I immediately thought, well there is no point doing it now ! I wonder where this comes from? This all or nothing. I am certainly aware that I have a tendency to perfectionism and I do not think this is always a negative thing, but I know I must be mindful of this trait.

I often think that I need to allow my first thought, my inital response to just run through my mind whilst I wait for a more useful one! And so, this is my response. It has indeed been over a year since I posted and that was not my intention when I set up this site. However, life gets busy and the days seem to slide on by. Priorities jostle for position and before I know it a day is a month and then a year.

I am

still here, in private practice. My love of CPD has led me into many an interesting area over the course of the year. I have been fortunate enough to undertake the Banardos adoption training delivered through the Albany Centre and I have recently completed my practitioner training for both CBT E and Trauma informed practice.

Right now though, it is the end of the school year and I am off on holidays for the week

I will try to post next month but I will be mindful that whenever I get to it there is value to be had.

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