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Small choices

I was reminded this week of how the small choices we make each day add up to the lives we ultimately lead. Consistency seems to be the key to any outcome. We are ultimately what we do. If I want to be a smoker then I need to light a cigarette regularly, conversely if I want to be a non smoker then I need to not smoke that cigarette or the ones which inevitably come after it.

I am reminded of a meme I once saw about chowing your hard. Every thing has its challenges including continuing to live with choices which no longer serve us

I guess that sometimes we all need to look with honestly and kindness at how we are living, the script we are following and our internal dialogue. Is it still true that you simply can’t stand that friend you used to have ? Is it true that you hate exercise and therefore now are losing health ? Is it true that you are tired all the time and there is really nothing you can do about it , nothing at all?

I am fortunate enough to know an amazing yoga teacher , she is fun and loving, always reminding me to smile and be present , be kind to myself and simply observe. The one thing she says which always stays with me is ‘can you make this 5% better, 5% more comfortable 5% more in the direction you wish to travel. This stays with me because some times fixing a problem seems to much .. even acknowledging the truth of a situation , but asking myself can I make this 5% better is almost always a positive question and frequently helps me be present, positive and find some empowerment

So my thought for today is ‘what is the 5% I can give to myself today’

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