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On Monday I was involved with my first podcast. I have never done anything like that before and I wPodcastas really nervous. The previous evening I was ready to call my friends and back out. I had allowed the whole thing to get bigger than it needed to be.I had a word with myself and my sensible head told me that I couldn't possibly know that I couldn't do the podcast as I had no experience of ever having done one!

The podcast was due to be recorded in the studios of a commercial radio station in the city centre with two other professional women. Both these beautiful, wonderful human beings are close friends of mine and a real gift in my life and we were all in this thing together, I wasn't alone. I realised also that I trust my tribe and they would help keep me safe.

We arrived at the studio at around the same time and I immediately felt better in their company. It made so much difference not to be alone in my head with this monster fear which was growing each day. We decided between us that we would have a practice half hour to familiarise ourselves with the setting, the headphones the microphones the slightly weird dynamic and then we would check in with each other and ourselves and make a plan from there.

Im not gonna lie, it was weird. Speaking knowing that what I was saying was being recorded and could be played back at any time felt like a terrible weight but as I loosened up a bit I began to create more easily, enjoying the dynamic and the conversation. By the end of our pilot the radio station were happy, we were happy and I was personally elated. I was so aware that I could easily have backed out the night before and not had that experience and amazing connection with my friends, what an opportunity!

And so our podcast is born! I will of course let you know when it goes live, it is loosely called, The doctor, the therapist and the coach and I am excited to be part of it. All I needed were friends I can trust, a familiarisation session and a scone for courage 😊

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